Shipping and return policies for aDD Music Official

Shipping Info
Shipping Method is dependant on how much the customer wishes to pay for shippping however we send all items via registered post with a personal signature required and documented upon recieval of the product/item or Merchandise you have ordered.

The price of shipping also depends on the size or quantity of the items ordered and will cost more as such. Ask us about the different International and local shipping options we have available to you, plus bonus bulk order discounts etc however, according to our standard postal procedures, we send everything via registered post, sign upon recieval and cost is accumulated by how far the Item must travel to reach its destination. e.g. International shipping is slightly more expensive than local shipping. However we are happy to negotiate shipping prices and generally if local shipping / mail is applicable cost will be minimal.

All shipping prices are calculated and can be negotiated upon purchasing any product or merchandise from this store! =) depending on where it is being mailed too e.g Local / International etc.

All Mail is carried via plane and secured with Parcelpost Tracking and secure seals so its contents cannot be tampered with. Thus if you do not recieve your parcel we can see where or what went wrong and quickly fix the problem! In no way will you be held liable if you do not recieve the product and we will happily replace or exchange it etc. and... Thank you for your support! =)
Return Policy
All Merchandise [ including Music Audio Visual Equipment, CD's, DVD's, Clothing, Concert / Tour Tickets & Promotional Items/Products etc. will be re-issued, exhanged and/or returned if proven to be faulty, damaged in any way, shipped or packaged incorrectly, and/or if any genuine or valid mistake or mix-up on behalf of the client or the company e.g. a.DD, a.DD Music, Frank Castle Entertainment or Rigorous Recordings has been made with any of the above issues or any other issues such as:

Product or Merchandise Order quantity issues, Sizing Issues
[ Clothing etc ] and/or complaints/complications with the "Original" Purchase Order of the product/item, can, and with every best effort be made to under "ALL" circumstances according to the purchase agreement requirements:

Be returned for and in order to exchange, Re-issue, Compensate and/or Re-supply the original product/item ordered or additional product/Item or items, or alternatively arrange a replacement Product or Item etc of Equal or lesser value if the original Product or Item ordered is damaged and/or is no longer available to purchase, withdrawn from sale or no longer in existence.

In no case whatsoever does "a.DD" / "a.DD Music" / "Frank Castle Entertainment" or "Rigorous Recordings" remain liable,
for any refund, compensation, damage, product mistreatment, Product fraud or bootlegging, Shipping/Postal errors, Injury to any person/s, copyright infringement such as Unauthorised public broadcast / live performances or radio play, personal, financial or any other loss providing:

Any of the aforementioned is caused either directly by the person/s who originally entered the purchase agreement, the shipping or Postal Service/s involved, or anyone other than "a.DD" music and its associated entities, to or by either the purchaser/s, the general public, or "a.DD" or any of the above entities e.g. "a.DD, a.DD Music, Frank Castle Entertainment or Rigorous Recordings".

"a.DD, a.DD Music, Frank Castle Entertainment or Rigorous Recordings" shall not be held liable for any refund, replacement costs or compensation of any product, item or injury related to the sale and/or purchase of the product where we are not at fault. e.g. We shall not be held liable for and/if any personal, financial or loss of any nature, and/or if any of the aforementioned problems or situations occur, so long as it is directly due to a fault/mistake etc made by either the purchaser who initially purchased the product/item, or by the the shipping and/or postal service/s, or any other third party involved other than "a.DD Music, FCE or RR" and it's associated entities.

HOWEVER!... we are friendly people and are often happy to work out an arrangement whereby if you are responsible for any shipping / order mistake or mix-up, damage and/or loss incurred personally or financially, or Incorrect use of the product/item or injury that may occur as a result of incorrect use of the product once the item has been in the possession of the Purchaser for any more than 14 days... after recieving or having recieved the product or merchandise the customer ordered, then we will be happy to come to an arrangement and/or help you fix any problem or issue relating to the product, order quantities, replacement of damaged goods etc.

If goods are damaged or not recieved as outlined in the contract of sale or as part of the initial purchase agreement of the Original Item, or Items/ Merchandise/Product/s, the product or merchandise originally ordered/purchased will be replaced and re-shipped free of charge, or exchanged with another product/item which has the same equal or lesser value.

We are happy to help our fans in any way possible so "Please do not hesitate" to give us any feedback or contact us should you experience any dissatisfaction or problems with the product or merchandise you have purchased/downloaded and we will be happy to resolve your query quickly & profesionally. =) Thank you!